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Hey there! This page was created for you, so you can keep up with some of the wonderful and bizare twists in my personal journey. The ups and downs, the growth, and the writers block, the profound, and the utterly ridiculous. My name is Kerah, and I chose -not too long ago- to walk the road less traveled.

What about my music?

  I've been raised singing Messianic praise and worship music, so I write a good deal of worship music,
  but I find myself also writing songs about issues I face in my spiritual walk, thoughts I have,
  or about people who inspire me.

   I write about these things to point to a higher voice that speaks into every part of my life.
   I write to encourage the current generation, and to bless the last generation with music for their children
  that doesn't contain sex, self image,  addictive  substances, selfishness, discontentedness,
  weird occult ideals, anger, or the worship of youth.

  If I write about these things, my intentions will always be to reveal it's ugliness, never to glorify it.
  I haven't really considered what my sound is because I like to write songs into what ever musical
  direction that feels right. If I had to choose, I'd describe my music genre as Believing/Folk/Other.
  I don't call my music Messianic, because most people wouldn't call it that either.

  I have a heart for Israel, and I intend to put on my albums whatever the God of Israel tells me to.
  I want to put scripture on every album I release, which means every album I create will have
  at least one praise or worship song on it, or a piece of litergy.
  Most of the music on Zemer Levav albums is praise and worship, and is definitely Messianic at it's core.

   For those of you who really love the music we have produced;
   my other material may take some time to get used to. Try not to take it for face value.
   There is usually a deeper meaning, a story, and a message in every song.

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Just thought I’d share this picture! Took it for our... 

Just thought I’d share this picture! Took it for our friend/brother Chris, right after one if our concerts this weekend. Wonderful, but pressing weekend that it was. Still recovering, while also trying to prep for leading a worship set at a women’s retreat, and getting this EP finished!

The last two months in pictures. I’ve been in North... 

The last two months in pictures. Ive been in North Carolina visiting family. Been enjoying time with my nieces and nephews (That top right pic is my youngest niece asleep on her food at the dinner table) because of this, Ive admittedly not been working as hard on my music. Ive put myself on a more restricted diet due to a sudden flare up of Asthma (its mostly due to seasonal allergies, but milk and processed sugar have never agreed with my system any way. (Id kill for some cheese cake, or a slice of super cheesy pizza right now :P) Ive been juicing, and I love it! The bottom left picture is apple/grape juice I made for Andre, too much sugar for my taste, but he likes it. ;) When I HAVE been working on music, Ive been pretty productive, ive got one song demoed, and im hoping to catch time sans pouring rain to demo up another few. Theres been a cold snap down here, and my two dogs have set up camp directly in front of the space heater. They look at us as though to say Are you completely nuts?! Well DIE if you dont let us on the bed!! Ridiculous. :) Ive been up and down over committing to releasing a project, due to my feeling that im not supposed to go to a recording studio, and I think Im finally coming to grips with it. This project will NOT sound perfect, or polished. *sigh* This whole thing is coming from places of brokenness and reconciliation. It will be a humble little project, from a broken imperfect vessel. Im realizing that the music may not be what I expected, but its absolutely timely. God doesnt need another perfect Album, He desires obedience. So theres my two months! :D

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