This beautiful old live oak is the first thing you see when you come to our land.

This beautiful old live oak is the first thing you see when you come to our land.

Clean-up and Clear The Land

An Update on What We've Accomplished

Our orchard has begun producing beautiful, delicious peaches! They are only producing about a dozen at this point, they are still small, but what they lack in numbers, they make up for in flavor! The other fruit trees are still growing and have gotten larger, but are not yet producing. I gave up on the garden for a year, as I was needing the time to focus on music and getting our music video "Even There" done. Now Adrielle has taken over that area, and the planted a small garden this year. We hope to expand that this fall for a small winter crop. The chickens and ducks have been producing both meat and eggs (all organic) which has been very encouraging. Baruch has been tending to the poultry, and I spell him when he and Adrielle want to take a trip.

The new septic and well are doing beautifully, we've had no problems. We still need to build a shelter over the well to shade the tanks from the sun, to protect it and keep the water cooler in the hot summer months. Hopefully when we get home from this tour we will have enough funds to do that. In the meantime we have "hot and hot" running water in the summer, Lol!

Since getting the front and back areas of the property cleaned up, we have not made much more progress on getting the central area cleaned up. The dump stopped accepting "construction debris" and so we would have to travel fairly far and pay a fee per pound to dump. Also, we just got very busy with other projects, we have some friends who offered to come and camp on our property for an extended weekend to help us with this, so we're hoping to make some progress in this area also when we get home.

I'm running out of time here at the hotel! Eleven am check-out! so I'll try to get some new photos of the fruit up on our next stop!


A Different Kind of "Tikun Olam"

We now live on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida. The photo at the top was taken at Horseshoe Beach, 20 minutes away from our little homestead.

Our vision for our Artisan Retreat is this:
  • To have a home base
  • To create our own recording studio
  • To release music more often, and make music videos
  • To work with, and help others artistically
  • All this for the building up of the body of Messiah and outreach

"Tikun Olam" is a Hebrew term which literally means "Heal the World". This covers every aspect of making the world a better place for all of us to live, including being kind to others, teaching, sharing truth, and so many other good things. An important aspect of that is also cleaning up our messes. In this case the mess someone else left behind. We want to "redeem" this piece of land.

When we first bought this land we knew that everything we did here would fall under the ministry of "Tikun Olam".

We have been working very hard here, and making slow but sure progress. This page is a testimony of what we have accomplished with Adonai's help, and an opportunity for you to see our goals, watch our progress, and even lend a hand to help us make this vision a reality.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be posting videos, slide shows, and bulleted lists of our accomplishments, and the projects we need to work towards.

We have divided the work into sections. Which need to be done consecutively, as they build on each other.

Check back! Updates and content will be added weekly.


The Well and Septic

We did get the new well put in! The water in the new well is better than the old well was, but still does need filtration. They had to drill three holes to get decent water, and we ended up with the well near the front of the property quite far from the existing system. Consequently we had to rent a ditch digger, and buy quite a bit more pipe and elbow joins than we expected. Once the well was finished it took another full day to tie it into the existing plumbing, bringing the the cost to nearly twice what we expected. We did not have the funds to pay for it all at once so they were kind enough (they were a Christian company)

Here is the section where we need help. We had enough to get halfway up this mountain, but now we're working on other things as we wait to accrue enough funds to put in a new well.

We got a beautiful septic system put in. A large enough tank for all our future needs. Because we only had a trailer with one bedroom as the legal residence on the property, we only got a permit for two drain lines, and we will need to add two more when we start building the house.

The water quality here is very bad, but we were able to get an excellent filtration system and install it on the existing well, but the well is too small to properly back-flush the system.
So if we want to have good water, we need a new well. We estimate the cost of the well, new pump, new tank, pipes and fittings, and materials for a new shed will be around $5,0oo.
The well will cost $3,000 for a package which includes, drilling the well, installing the casing, pipes, pump, and tank. 
This price includes the tank and a 5 horsepower pump.
Installing a metal storage shed the same size as the one we now have will be about $2,000.

Below is a video, slide show, and donate button.

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