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New CD Project!

This page is a "work in progress" so check back often to see what has changed!

We are very excited about this new Album project! The Title we are considering is "Songs for the Weary." The photo above was taken at Rabbit Lake near Anchorage Alaska. After hiking 4 1/2 miles, I was very weary!

I have written 20 new songs that we are considering for this project. We'll have to whittle that down to 12 - 15. As usual they range from Israeli sound, or Spanish flavored, to Celtic. We also have some great "guest musicians" we are blessed to work with who will add beautifully to our sound.

We are going to be offering some solid gold perks to thank you for your support as well as the option to download the album, receive it as a CD, or both! Click the button below to Pre-Order your chosen package!


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(Please note! Some of the digital perks you will get immediately, The CD and digital download of the CD will not be available till June of 2020 when we are finished with the project! Also, be aware that the album Title and Cover Art may change!)


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When will this project be finished?
We are in the planning, scheduling, and fundraising stage now. We are hoping for a mid-end of June finish date.

How much do you need to raise?
We need to raise $8,400.00. In case of unforeseen expenses $9,000,00 would be wise!

  • Airline tickets for Kerah $600.00
  • Recording studio with audio engineer 12 songs:$5,000.00
  • Gas and Hotel (for a week) for Mark, Kerah, and I: $800.00
  • Fees for studio musicians $500.00
  • Cost of CD Duplication $1,500.00

When do you need to have the funds?
We need to have them by November 1st, but we can do the recording a few songs at a time, over several months if we need to . This is why we are allowing so much for Kerah's plane tickets. She may need to come down more than once and we have to have all our bases covered!

When are you projecting to start recording?
We hope to start in November, but that is subject to the availability of the Engineer and studio we'd like to use!

How can we find out how things are going, and keep in the loop?
You can join our mailing list if you check your email regularly. I'll send out updates at least once a month. You can also check back here and read my blog.(upcoming!)