Contact and Booking Information

If you would like to schedule us to minister in your community please contact:

Shimrit Hanes

Cell phone: 316-259-8338


For logistics (time of arrival) and sound/set-up questions:
Mark Hanes - 316-259-4106

Please click on the links below for sound needs, and our posters/flyers etc.

For our Hosts A page of information on our travel needs and allergy info.

A PDF Poster For Advertising your Concert

A .docx Poster For adding your info in "Micro-soft Word" 

Audio and Set-Up Needs

Press Release

Press release in Mac format (pages)

Open "press release" in Microsoft Word or Pages, and replace Date, Time, Place, and "For More Information" phone number, with your information. Double check to make sure all information in the Press Release is correct!  If you need help call Shimrit at: 316-259-8338

Advertising Ideas Several great ideas for free advertising for your concert, or very inexpensive!


We Bring To You

• An Israeli style worship experience grounded in Scripture.

• Evening concert ministry; for outreach in your community, and the encouragement of your congregation.

• Worship to draw you into the presence of God.

• Songs of encouragment, and exhortation to strengthen your hands that you might continue steadfastly in whatever God has set before you to do.

• Songs of comfort and healing for broken hearts.

• Prayer ministry to meet individual needs.

Pastor's and Rabbi's Recomendations

Requirements For The Evening of The Concert

• Please provide 3 water bottles on the stage/platform, preferably with pull-tops so they don’t spill.

• We also need a table to set up our CDs and books, and a person to help man the table before and after the concert. We offer our CDs on a donation basis (suggested donation 15.00. Books are 15,00 and 20.00).

• We need at least 2 hours for set-up and sound check, plus a half hour to eat something, and a half hour to get dressed, so a total of 3 hours for preparation are necessary.

• This is not a requirement, but it is very helpful to us. If you can possibly provide healthy snack foods such as: apples, bananas, mangos, berries (in season) raw sweet peas (usually in the salad section) baby carrots, green red and yellow bell peppers, nitrate free lunch meats, cheeses (for example: chedder, swiss, muenster, mozzarella, and soft goat cheese) and bread, mayo and brown mustard or you can just have someone pick up a baked chicken at a grocery store. Shimrit is gluten intolerant, if you can provide whole lettuce leaves that she can use for wraps that would be great. 

For morning concerts, apples, bananas, mangos, berries (in season) cinnamon raisin bagels and cream cheese, and Organic, plain whole milk yogurt. Again, this is not a requirement but it is helpful. If you will provide this, please let us know ahead of time, especially for morning concerts. Pastors/Rabbis just copy and paste this into a document, print it and hand it to someone else! You have enough to do!

  • We also need a place close to the facility to park and unload our equipment from the trailer.

We look forward to serving you.